Castle Farm, Vol 1 (DVD)
Castle Farm, Vol 1 (DVD)
Castle Farm, Vol 1 (DVD)
Castle Farm, Vol 1 (DVD)

Castle Farm, Vol 1 (DVD)

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CASTLE FARM, Volume One (Nine New Episodes!) 

Farm Girl and Piggy always have a chore or a quest. However, they often get a little bit distracted! They may begin with the aim ofmending the fence and end by admiring a butterfly. Or, perhaps instead of collecting eggs they spend time wondering is a new puddle is wobbly water or silver soup. 

When they have a problem they go to Unicorn for help. Farm girl is practical, no-nonsense and feisty. She’s more than happy up to her knees in mud! She can’t wait to get up very early in the morning and see what the day holds! 

Piggy is Farm Girls best friend. A sensitive, lovely pig who gets very embarrassed easily. He is young like you and asks a lot of questions. Leonard, the chief cow hand, is usually up to something. His main desire is the get his hands on Unicorn’s gold,but does he ever succeed? He’s a big scaredy cat really!

As seen on TV!  Milkshake!


    1. Snails 
    2. The Carrot Thief 
    3. Ball Cames 
    4. A Windy Day 
    5. Amber 
    6. The Prickly Flower 
    7. Bubbles 
    8. Trophy 
    9. Waiting For Winnie