Nelly & Caesar, Vol. 2 (DVD)
Nelly & Caesar, Vol. 2 (DVD)
Nelly & Caesar, Vol. 2 (DVD)

Nelly & Caesar, Vol. 2 (DVD)

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These charming French tales come from France and encourage “Learn through Play”. Based on a successful book collection sold internationally, it sets itself apart with its graphic look and a unique 2D-3D treatment.  The series stars Nelly, a mouse, Caesar, a frog, and their friends: Fred the beaver, Mina the squirrel, and Leo the hedgehog. 

Stories deal with simple issues and concepts introduced through the daily life adventures of Nelly & Caesar and their friends. In each episode Nelly & Caesar invite the audience to join them in a game inspired by the story. This “Learn through play” approach gives children something positive to imitate and to respond to, exploring nature, feelings, senses and friendship. It draws upon the success of the Nelly & Caesar educational franchise, as seen on TV.

Vol. 2 Episodes 

The Garage Sale

Nelly says!


The Sand Castle

Packed and Ready for Fun

SOS Operation Tomato Rescue

Stage Fright

Nelly and Caesar's Big Concert

Butterfly Wishes!

Promises, promises...

Caesar's Boat

Happy Lending

Lucky Charm