Dougie in Disguise Vol. 1 (DVD)

Dougie in Disguise Vol. 1 (DVD)

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Jump into an imaginative world with "Dougie in Disguise" - an enchanting animated series from Spain! Your children will delight in Dougie and his trusty pooch Tim as they embark on whimsical journeys, with kids helping to choose the perfect disguises.

"Dougie in Disguise" offers an entertaining foray into professions, stories, and geography. The first DVD contains 13 enthralling escapades in which Dougie disguises himself for various occupations and missions.

"Dougie in Disguise Vol. 1" beckons children to join a humorous, melodic realm of puzzlement and sticker albums. It's fun and educational, instructing life lessons about camaraderie, compassion, and insight.

Featuring gorgeous visuals, top-notch production, and tender moments, "Dougie in Disguise Vol. 1" offers a wealth of knowledge and joy for young ones aged 2 to 5. Don't delay! Let Dougie's enchanting journeys stimulate your child's creativity and fascination!