Happy Valley Vol. 2 (DVD)
Happy Valley Vol. 2 (DVD)
Happy Valley Vol. 2 (DVD)
Happy Valley Vol. 2 (DVD)

Happy Valley Vol. 2 (DVD)

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Happy Valley: Volume Two (Nine Episodes!)

Happy Valley is set in a beautiful countryside by the sea. Using nursery rhymes and songs it tells the story of the children who live in the valley. In each episode they go about their daily lives and learn about the world around them, whether it’s the seasons, the weather or the animals. The series focuses on experiences familiar to young viewers, such as a school trip to the farm, a visit to grandma to look at old photos, a shopping expedition with mother or a walk in the woods to see the falling leaves. A single narrator tells the story in an endearing and soothing way that will captivate children the world over. Its simple designs and vibrant colors will appeal to even the youngest viewers.


Explore daily lives of children just like you living in a wonderful and imaginative place. Come along with them as they go about their daily lives splashing in the puddles, counting goats, brushing their teeth or riding a merry-go-round.

A charming and educational new preschool series for children aged two to five years. 

Volume Two Episodes:


  1. Cosy Little House
  2. Have You Ever Been Sailing?
  3. Robin Redbreast
  4. Going To See The Doctor
  5. Scarecrow
  6. Cars
  7. Shopping
  8. Valley Farm
  9. Sun Cream